Turn Your Business Green With Eco-Friendly Paper Tapes

As the world is moving towards a greener future and making efforts to reduce the use of plastic straws and bags, so is Singapore, too, moving in that direction as the nation increases demand for ESG talents.

ESG, short for Environmental, Social, and Governance, are the three main factors that investors who prioritise environmental concerns look for when investing in a potential business.

Suppose you are a start-up looking for potential investors and handle a lot of packaging in your business. In that case, these are some considerations you might want to keep in mind as the push for ESG increases.

Plastic Packing Tape

For a long time, and even today, plastic tape made up of either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polypropylene has been the preferred choice for wrapping packages. With plastic bubble wrappings and styrofoam peanuts, businesses utilise them as they are more affordable. More often than so, companies use more tape than they need to better secure the contents in the package. This results in usage of additional materials and labour costs. At the end of the day, all these end up in the limited landfills in Singapore or oceans.

Green Paper Tape Alternatives

Paper tapes are often termed gummed paper tape, paper packing tape or brown paper tape. There are two types of paper tapes: non-reinforced, which is kraft paper tapes generally used for lighter and smaller packaging and reinforced, which is reinforced paper gummed tape. The reinforcement comes from the paper being strengthened by fibreglass strands, thus allowing the tape to better support heavier and more extensive packages. Heleflo Products recognises the rising need for sustainability and has a wide variety of high-quality paper tapes options. Some of the benefits of using paper tapes are:

1. Strength

Water-Activated Tape (WAT) is the most common way of applying paper tape onto packaging. Due to the starch-based glue, the paper tape almost instantly bonds with the packaging as soon as moisture is applied. This creates a strong packaging solution with excellent sealing.

2. “Tamper-proof”

When the paper tape is used, it permanently seals the packaging until the package is open. This also means that the package cannot be resealed once it has been opened, making it very valuable to ensure that the package has not been tampered with.

“Tamper-proof” tapes are typically used in the electronics, semiconductor and automotive industry because most of their products are expensive. Using paper tapes can indicate evidence of tampering or deter people who are thinking to tamper with the package.


Most automotive parts like engines and transmissions can be heavy and expensive. Customers and suppliers alike want to ensure that the components reach the destination safely and securely. Using reinforced paper gummed tape with added strength can secure the package well.

3. Cost-effective

Paper tapes are a cost-effective way to seal packages. You only need one strip of tape to safely seal packages, whereas, with plastic tapes, most would go a few rounds to ensure that the package is well-sealed safely.

4. Customisable

One advantage that paper tape has over traditional plastic tape is the ability to add a business logo or message to it. It is possible to add logos onto plastic tapes, but it can be costly. With businesses using more than a strip to seal their packages, it can also turn out to be messy, and that might work against the business’s marketing effort.

Heleflo Products does provide services such as printed kraft tapes and reinforced paper gummed tapes for your OEM marketing and branding needs.


It is essential that if you are a company looking to be more environmentally friendly, or an eco-friendly investor looking to invest in a company that shares the same eco values, then these are some of the considerations to take note of.

Heleflo Products is an adhesive tapes supplier that deals in Singapore and internationally. We provide high-quality tapes across multiple industries and organisations, from start-ups to SMEs and MNCs. For more information on procuring some of our eco-friendly tapes, contact us at marketing@heleflo.com.sg.

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