Introduction To Three Of Our Biggest Partnering Brands

Ever since its establishment in 1985, Heleflo Products has been leading the industry as a provider for adhesive tapes and films. From start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Heleflo Products has been providing products such as reinforced paper gummed tape, Kapton tapes, Teflon products, and various high-end speciality tapes across various industries.

In the past 36 years, Heleflo Products have ensured and improved the consistency and prices of our products by partnering with international corporations from Europe, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and the USA.

Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd

Established in 1947, Sekisui Chemical is a Japanese corporation that deals with a wide spectrum of industries from electronic and automotive to real estate and medical. Amidst all the various products they produce, they also produce tapes that Heleflo Products imports to Singapore.

Some of the tapes that Heleflo Products imports from them include common ones like industrial grade double-sided tapes, mounting tapes, cellulose tapes, rubber based OPP tapes, and Kraft Paper Tapes used for sealing packaging and general use, and special release films for use in the electronic manufacturing industry.

There are more unique tapes like fit light tapes that are made up of recycled PET used for architectural curing.

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG)

Recognised as a leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide variety of film and paper-based water-activated and pressure-sensitive tapes and other quality products for industrial and commercial use, IPG can be found globally over 32 locations.

Heleflo Products imports from them their filament tape range, reinforced paper gummed tapes, masking tapes, electrical polyester tapes and special double sided tapes which are used in the electronic industry. This range of tapes is utilised across various markets, such as the manufacture of appliances and shipping of contents. The filament tape range includes day-to-day and speciality purposes in natural rubber and hot melt adhesive to meet the broad range of applications. IPG ensures their tape meets the highest performance standards by ensuring no stains are left behind when removed.

Sliontec Corporation

Sliontec Corporation is a subsidiary company created by Maxell Ltd in 2007. It primarily manufactures and supplies adhesive tapes for various applications such as electronics, semiconductors, and automotive. Adhesive tapes used in such applications include cloth tapes, filament tapes, and metal foil tapes.

Heleflo Products imports filament tape, cloth tape, double-coated carpet tape and other various specialty tapes on request. Sliontec’s filament tape has anti-stain and limited adhesive residue properties, making it an ideal tape for anybody who needs a temporary fix for home appliances and furniture. The cloth tapes, also known as gaffer’s tape, come in 9 different colours and are usually used in the entertainment industry, demarcation purposes or colour coding. Carpet tapes consist of different layers depending on each type and are used for electronic part mounting and carpet laying. Some of the features of the tapes are that they are weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, wide temperature range tolerant, and highly conformable to any surface.


Heleflo Products is an adhesive tapes supplier that deals in Singapore and internationally. We provide high-quality tapes across multiple industries and organisations, from start-ups to SMEs and MNCs. For more information on procuring some of our quality tapes, contact us at

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