About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, HELEFLO Products Pte Ltd is a market leader and converter of adhesive tapes and films. Our experience dates back to 1985. Since then, we have grown into a company that provide end-to-end solutions with a wide range of products to serve the needs of the local and international market.

Our major products include Kapton tapes, Teflon products, polyester tapes, masking tapes, surface protection tapes, cloth tapes, reinforced paper gum tapes, kraft paper tapes, rubber based OPP and various high end specialty tapes.

Our clients range from startups to SMEs, MNCs and Fortune 500 companies. Our diverse range of clientele, industry and application is testament to our ability to serve any company.


Heleflo’s reputation stands on its traditional values of Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Teachability and Teamwork.


We intentionally build trust. We are consistent with our professionalism and commitment to service quality.


We are authentic, open and honest. We regard integrity as a high personal value.


We are open to ideas and ready to learn. We are committed to vital knowledge and information that will help to improve efficiency.


We are united by a common goal. Our customers success is our success.


It is our vision to be the industry partner of choice for adhesive tapes and surface protection solutions.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that create positive user experience.


Resilient Supply Chain

Over the years, we have established a resilient global supply chain with our strategic partners to provide the market with consistent quality products and exemplary service offerings at competitive prices. 

Our quality products are imported from our reputable partners from USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia.


We produce our own brand of adhesive tapes and films.


We import, export and distribute adhesive tapes and films to our clients in Singapore and around the world.

Trusted Partner

We pride ourselves as a solutions consultant and we are committed to our clients’ success.

We Export Worldwide

Our Key Partners and Brands



In house brand for high end and specialty uses

Sole Distributor

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

Quality Industrial, commercial, electrical and aerospace tapes


Stationery tapes and general tapes


Specialty double-sided tapes, semiconductor tapes, teflon tapes, surface protection tapes and more


Self-adhesive films and industrial laminators, for the protection of sensitive surfaces in the industrial sector  

Sole Distributor


Premium double-sided tapes, kraft paper tapes and more


Cloth tapes, filament reinforced tapes, butyl tapes, films and more


Super Glaze

We are proud to be the OEM for Super Glaze Masking Tape



In house brand for commercial or industrial uses


Specialty and industrial PTFE tapes, fabrics, open-mesh fabrics and dieletric products