We have over 1,000 models of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes and films which range from commercial, to industrial, to electronic and to specialty tapes.

High Temperature Tapes

Masking tapes, Polyester tapes, Polyimide tapes, Acetate cloth tapes

Acetate Cloth

ESD Kapton

Fineline PVC Tape

Glass Cloth Tape

High Temp Masking

Mylar Tape

Polyester Tape

Polyimide Tape

Teflon Products

PTFE Tapes, Films, Belts, Fabrics


PTFE Fabric & Films

Teflon Film

Teflon Tape

Surface Protection

PE tapes and films, Embossed PE films, EVA protection films, ESD films

ESD Film

PE Embossed

PE Film

Protective Film

Double-Sided Tapes

d/s tissue, d/s PE foam, d/s EVA foam, d/s PET, d/s carpet

Black PE Foam (Heavy Duty)

Bleached Flatback Paper ( IPG 591 )

Carpet Tape

Double Sided Tissue

Double-Sided Polyester

Nitto Double Sided

Sekisui Double Sided

VHB Tape

White PE Foam

Packaging Products

OPP tapes, masking tapes, Kraft tapes, reinforced paper gum tapes, filament tapes, air bubble wrap, stretch films and other packaging products

Coloured OPP

Cross Filament

Kraft Tape

Mono Filament

OPP Tape

Pallet Stretch Film

Reinforced Paper Gum

Reinforced Paper Gum

Rubber Based OPP

Other Industrial and Specialty Tapes

Anti-corrosive tapes, aluminium foil tapes, copper foil tapes, release film, duct tapes, cloth tapes, cellulose tapes, electrical insulation tapes, floor marking tapes, security tapes, holding tapes and more

3M Transfer Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

Anti Corrosive

Barricade Tape

Cellulose Nichiban

Cellulose Sekisui

Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

Copper Foil Tape

Duct Tape

Fit Light Tape

Floor Marking

Holding Tape

Masking Black

Masking Coloured

Masking Yellow

Non adhesive PVC

Painters Tape

RP Release Film

Scrim Tape

Super Butyl Tape


Cut & Rewind
To Any Size

We invest in the latest technology and our machinery can rewind and precision cut to any width and length.

Die Cut

No matter your industry, having the right quantity of product in the perfect dimension and material is key.

Printed Tapes, Labels & Stickers

Customize your design and we are able to provide Printed OPP, Washi tape, PVC floor marking tapes, Printed Paper Gum Tapes, Stickers, Security Labels and more.



Our self-adhesive films and industrial laminators are for the protection of sensitive surfaces. They can be easily applied and removed, and are suitable for die cutting.

Electronics & Semiconductors

We have a range of high end tapes to meet the stringent requirements of the electronic and semiconductor industry of tomorrow. Our tapes are UL listed and CSA certified.

Solar Panels

With the latest trend toward green energy, innovative solutions were designed specifically for the solar industry. Our products are consistent in reliable electrical insulation, excellent bonding, high performance pressure-sensitive, and conform to the demand of easy and fast assembly, clean mounting, long-term durability, and UV resistance for outdoor use.

MRO & Aerospace

Our range of aerospace tapes are manufactured with unparalleled accuracy and precision. This is evident from how our products are time tested to protect your equipment. They are SAE, MIL, BAC & CID-AA approved.


Our range of low residue paint masking, bonding tapes, and surface protection tapes will fully meet the requirements of the automotive sector.

Pipe Protection

Our high quality anti-corrosion tapes have a proven track record to protect pipes from chemical, sea water and underground corrosion.


Food Processing

General Industries

No matter your industry, we have a wide range of tapes available for your needs.