Gaffer Tape: The Essential Taping Solution All Film Sets Need

Gaffer Tape: The Essential Taping Solution All Film Sets Need

Gaffer tape. A must-have in any stage work and filmmaking set. Gaffer tape, also called gaff tape by many in the industry, is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with a cloth backing.

While it is commonly found in silver or black, it also comes in other colours such as red, blue, gold, and green.

Typically used to secure cables and wires, gaffer tape can support intense stretching; therefore, it is a preferred tape in the industry. The other benefit of using gaffer tape is that it does not leave behind any form of residue when applied and removed. In such an industry where the sets are constantly changing, the lack of residue when it is removed brings neatness and organisational benefits such as reducing the need for labour intensive roles for removal and cleaning of surfaces.

Benefits of utilising gaffer tapes

Regardless of the duration and extensivity of the product, many industry professionals stand by the use of gaffer tapes for these benefits:

  • Gaffer tapes have a low surface energy
  • Tapes down wires and cables, preventing an accident from happening
  • Organises cords and keep them from tangling
  • Ideal for short-term and long-term repairs
  • It is light, slim, and easy to apply
  • The matt surface does not reflect light

While gaffer tape is primarily used to tape down cables and wires so that nobody on sets trips over them, it is also used for other purposes such as:

1. Marking all the actors’ placement on set or stage

Because of the non-reflective matt surface, the tape cannot be noticed on camera and is ideal for filmmakers to mark out where the actors should stand for ease of reference. Many filmmakers utilise the different colours it comes with to represent different actors’ positions.

2. Repairing, patching, and fixing equipment on set

There are various ways to utilise gaffer tapes on sets, such as taping down props and patching holes to cover up cracks and other minor fixes.

3. Supporting the lighting and sound crew

The lighting and sound crew primarily use gaffer tapes to hold light projectors at a certain angle, take some pressure off electrical connectors, hold microphone packs properly, and patch up the speakers.

4. Helping out the wardrobe department and stylists

Many stylists in the wardrobe department use gaffer tapes to add some grips to the shoes or mask certain logos on clothes.

Gaffer tapes can be used for many purposes, making them the Swiss Army Knife of the filmmaking industry. Gaffer tapes are not only beneficial to the filmmaking industry, but also applicable to any industry or business that needs a tape with these qualities: strong, water-resistant, residue-free, and variety.

Gaffer tape has strong adhesiveness

Gaffer tape is able to hold and stick to any surface. In a film set where it is exposed to many different elements, it can withstand any situation from dirty cables to dusty sets. While they may be suited in many scenarios, it does not have any electrical properties, hence it should not be mistaken with electrical insulation tape.

While it has strong adhesiveness, gaffer tape can still be easily removed, which leads to our second quality.

Gaffer tape does not leave behind any residue when removed

Despite their strong adhesiveness, gaffer tapes do not bind with the surface, thus making them easy to remove without leaving any residue behind. This is ideal for situations where props and tools are needed to be temporarily taped down but are moved around often. No time is wasted trying to scrape residues away when it is left clean.

Gaffer tape is water-resistant

Despite gaffer tapes being cloth-backed tapes, they are water-resistant. This makes them especially ideal for outdoor productions where the weather is not within our control.

Gaffer tape has different varieties

As mentioned earlier, gaffer tapes come in various colours. Colour coding is important in many industries, especially filmmaking. With different coloured gaffer tapes, you can mark labels and directions, which can help your set stay organised.

The different coloured gaffer tapes also help with easy spotting by both crews and casts, allowing them to note what it represents. And since it has a matt surface, it does not reflect light, making it even easier to spot.


Light, multi-use, and necessary – it is easy to note why gaffer tapes are a much-needed tool in the filmmaking industry. Especially in an environment where you have multiple things to sort out in your head, anything that can help take some relief off the things you need to do helps.

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