Application Of Polyimide Tape In Electronic Manufacturing

Application Of Polyimide Tape In Electronic Manufacturing

With their many benefits, Polyimide tapes are often used for a wide variety of industrial applications. Many industries, which includes, but are not limited to, petroleum, food and beverage, automotive, and electronics, use such tapes heavily. The tapes can also be found in electronic printing and fax machines.

Polyimide tapes are known among industry users for their durability and high performance, thus providing the necessary support and heat insulation to the applicated areas. In addition, it can also be used in heat and pressure applications such as packaging.

Polyimide tape’s strong adhesiveness

Polyimide tape can be applied across a wide range, from small polyimide masking tape to high performance printed circuit boards. Because of their strong physical characteristics, polyimide tapes can maintain their adhesiveness despite harsh environment. This is highly essential in applications where stability and performance are necessary. Polyimide tapes also have excellent electromagnetic and optical properties that protect the parts or systems from external interference and unnecessary noise sources.

Polyimide tape’s high dielectric strength and dielectric constant

Polyimide tapes are known for their high dielectric properties or insulating strength. The dielectric strength means the maximum voltage that the material can take before it deteriorates. Its high dielectric constant allows the polyimide tape to have better electrical conduction. Therefore, when applying to electrical equipment that needs higher electrical conduction, the thicker the polyimide tape, the higher its conductivity properties.

Polyimide tapes can be developed using various materials such as polyimide PVC, polyimide ELI, polyimide ICP, silicone, and polyimide BOP. Each of these materials has its own respective benefits. Polyimide PVC has a thicker base, is easy to manufacture, more durable, and sturdy. On the other hand, the rest of the polyimide materials are hard, thicker, and also durable.

The type of end coating applied to the polyimide tape also plays a role in the specific applications. The polyimide tape coating contributes different characteristics and attributes to the finished product. For example, some polyimide tapes have gold contacts, while others have silver contacts. Some have higher thermal conductivity, while others may have better electrical insulation properties. Therefore, it is crucial to bear in mind the type of coating used for the polyimide tape when choosing to apply it in electronics manufacturing.


The application of polyimide tapes is widely used in the manufacturing of electronics, especially nickel, silver, copper, and gold masks for circuit boards. Due to its low material cost and superb performance, it makes an excellent adhesive for electronic manufacturing. The high efficiency of applying and reusing makes the tape safe to use and opens up a wide range of opportunities to utilise it. In addition, the tape is water-proof and can withstand the harsh environment.

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