Use Of Double-Sided Tapes in Construction Appliances

Use Of Double-Sided Tapes in Construction Appliances

Nowadays, industrial work is becoming in-demand, and people are looking for effective ways to complete the process efficiently. Construction crews need to combine different materials like glass, wood, metals, and foams in ways that provide strong connection and flexibility. Industrial tapes such as double-sided tapes are used in various industries to join materials, bond components, and speed up the process. 

Double-sided tapes provide you with the opportunity to securely stick supplies and allocate loads across the whole bonded surface. So, suppose you’re looking for a material that yields clean results and a permanent and robust coating bond. In that case, double-sided adhesive tapes provide countless benefits to make work easy and effective. Read on to understand more about the use of double-sided tapes in construction appliances.

What are double-sided tapes?

Double-sided tapes refer to any tapes that have adhesive on dual sides. This type of tape is made to combine two surfaces without being visible, making it a solution to deliver tidier projects and excellent craftsmanship. Compared to screws to stick materials individually, double-sided tapes can permanently stick one coating to another while ensuring that the stress load is evenly spread across.

Why use double-sided tape?

Double-sided tapes are versatile to use in an array of applications. This acts as a one-stop solution to help you stick two surfaces together without the need to undergo a hassle. For instance, liquid glues take time to cure and leave a mess behind. At the same time, traditional hardware calls for further complications as drilling interferes with the material’s structural integrity. 

What are the benefits of using double-sided tape?

Here are some of the main benefits of using double-sided tapes in construction:

  • Accurately sticks materials where you want
  • Reduces time process
  • Suppresses sound
  • Absorb sudden shocks and drops
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Invisible after application

Uses of double-sided tape in construction

While double-sided tapes have applications within residential and commercial building projects, they’re most commonly used in construction for residential and commercial building projects. 

1. House wrap Tape

The traditional one sided tape that is applied on seal house wrap has a minor flaw: it allows water to collect and slowly creep into the building. While this flaw can be fixed, a better way to avoid this scenario would be to apply double-sided tape instead. The tape can be used to overlap the various seams, ensuring that there are no leaks.

2. Vapour Barriers

More crews are putting vapour barrier seams in crawl places to stitch the building. As an alternative, double-sided tapes can be applied to fasten the vapour barrier to the walls without using screws.

3. Flooring Underlayment

With buildings becoming more airtight nowadays, it can be an issue, so using double-sided tape for flooring underlayment such as sound attenuation materials can be an effective solution.

4. Insulation

Double-sided tapes can be used to apply insulation to a building, ensuring that it sticks for a long time.

5. Floor Coverings

There are times that you have to protect walkways or floors with carpets to shield the surface when undergoing construction. Double-sided tapes have a strong adhesive property that is perfect to hold down a carpet and yield a lean look once removed. 

Double-sided tapes are essential for construction works – from placing concrete trims to installing hardwood floors. Besides the construction sector, there are also temporary as well as permanent double sided carpet tapes that are highly popular in the media, arts, performance, and MICE sectors. This type of tape provides benefits that make any work fast, clean, and efficient. If you are on the lookout for an adhesive tapes supplier in Singapore for your construction project, Heleflo Products is here to help you with your needs!

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