It Is Time To Use Adhesive Tape Instead Of Liquid Adhesive

It Is Time To Use Adhesive Tape Instead Of Liquid Adhesive

Two of the most commonly used adhesive options many individuals and companies use today are liquid adhesive and adhesive tape. Both have their various attributes – pros and cons. This article will touch upon some of the quick comparisons and convince you to switch from liquid adhesive to adhesive tape.


Many industries and individuals have the traditional mindset that liquid adhesive provides a stronger bond than adhesive tape. For example, epoxies – one of the oldest synthetic adhesive created in the market – have a significantly high holding strength, is resistant to extreme environments and temperature, and can be kept for a long time. Many liquid adhesives are used for applying to structures, especially when a high load and small bond area are involved.

Some adhesive tapes, such as 3M VHB tapes, can match the high holding strength of liquid adhesive. Adhesive tape is able to evenly distribute its bonding strength over the entire surface it is applied to. Additionally, some adhesive tape’s backing can help to balance a certain amount of expansion of the surface in heat and cold.


In order to create the bond between surface or materials, the liquid adhesive must dry and solidify. The reason being is that the adhesive is mixed with a liquid which will become hard only when the liquid evaporates, leaving the adhesive to dry out. This process may take a few seconds to a couple of hours.

Adhesive tape, on the other hand, is always sticky and almost immediately binds the two surfaces and material together upon contact. Certain adhesive tapes, such as pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, are ready to use and just require the user to peel off the protective lining and apply pressure to activate the adhesive.


Liquid adhesives are positional due to the fact they do not immediately cure. Hence, the process of binding two surfaces together might take a longer time than just applying adhesive tape. Additionally, in certain industrial processes, the application of liquid adhesive might require certain applicator equipment and training to use it. Also, liquid adhesive has the tendency to splash, overflow, and drip, which often results in wastage. Lastly, liquid adhesive does not all the time consistently spread evenly across the bond area.

Adhesive tape, however, is flexible and easy to apply, able to wrap around most shapes and surfaces. There are no additional health hazards to note because they do not release any poisonous gas during the process of application (some liquid adhesive might expose the user to poisonous gas during curing). Adhesive tape also reduces the production of wastage. This can further be boosted by using die-cut adhesive tape, which can be cut exactly to the required specification of the surface or material.


Both adhesive tape and liquid adhesive are versatile and can be applied in many industries. However, liquid adhesive has limited application as compared to adhesive tape. The benefits of adhesive tape increase when the creation of a long-lasting bond between different surfaces is required. They can be bonded to both high-surface-energy and low-surface-energy substrates. Adhesive tape is able to handle the effects of temperature change – the difference in expansion rate and the dissipation of dynamic and static forces acting on the bond.

As mentioned earlier, the application of die-cut adhesive tape further increases the versatility of its uses by enhancing sealing and dampening vibrations with its capability to be cut into multiple shapes and sizes to its exact dimension.

Final thoughts

Adhesive tapes have an edge in almost every attribute. The clean and versatile attribute of adhesive tapes allows many industries the innovative edge to better combine materials, creating interesting and unique product designs. With little to no cleanup, companies can save production costs and time.

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